Product Creation Pitfalls to Avoid

There are a few essential things you must do in order to build a great product. There are also a few pitfalls one should avoid while making a product. These traps have led to many disappointing ventures.

Learn from the mistakes of others, and sidestep these potentially damning errors.

First, resist the urge to take shortcuts

When you have a great idea that you believe can generate significant profit, it is easy to fall prey to an urge to take shortcuts in an effort to get your product to the marketplace as quickly as possible. The allure of fast earnings will often trump the wisdom inherent in good product design.

Taking these shortcuts, however, will inevitably reduce the quality and effectiveness of your product and your sales strategy. The necessary steps involved in successful product creation are taken for a good reason: they work.

Trying to skip any of these necessary actions exposes you to the risk of rushing an incomplete or inferior product to the market. Not only will such an act reduce the product’s profitability, it will also risk damaging your long-term reputation as a marketer.

Second, don’t stay on the treadmill too long

As noted, rushing through the process can be damaging. The flipside to this is that overworking a product can also produce negative consequences. Yes, you want your final project to be perfect. However, spending too much time tweaking and refining can actually harm a project and will delay
your chance at profits.

It is an interesting balancing act.

You don’t want to rush over needed steps, but you don’t want to become so mercurial and obsessed with absolute perfection that your product never sees the light of day. Striking a proper balance is essential.

Third, don’t put the cart before the horse

If you are marketer by heart, your first instinct probably leans toward marketing–not project building. That is one reason why outsourcing can be a great option. It also means that you may be thinking more about how you are going to sell your product than you are about how to make it a high quality item.

Your initial research and development will ensure that you will be able to sell your product upon completion. Focus on project creation before concerning yourself with the minutiae of subsequent sales plans.

This will help you to build the kind of sought-after product that will make that marketing job easier and more effective in the long run.

By avoiding these common errors during project creation, you will be able to hit the market with the right project at the right time.

You’ll be introducing a well-developed item that has a high level of marketability and will have avoided compromising the integrity and quality of the product at the same time.

Be comprehensive, don’t become paralyzed, and keep quality product development in the forefront of your mind.

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