Three “Musts” for Successful Product Creation

You’ve researched your market and have done all the preliminary work. Now, it’s time to build your product.

That may seem easy, considering it is your brainchild and you implicitly understand exactly how it will look and be used.

However, there are few guiding principles you must consider during the construction process in order to have a quality end result.

Let’s take a quick look at three “musts” for successful product creation.

The product must remain focused

You chose a particular problem or set of problems to address with your product. After carefully assessing market needs, you pinpointed exactly what a popular item could do for consumers.

During that process, however, you also exposed yourself to a lot of additional information about the product’s niche and the target population.

Some of that information will help shape your product in a positive way.Some of, however, could lead you to make some bad decisions.

It is essential to keep your goals in mind while building your creation

It will be easy to allow the project to become sidetracked with superfluous features or commentary that seem to almost naturally grow from your background research.

You cannot let this happen.

An unfocused product will not be well received.

Additionally, it will result in you spending more time and energy to finish the job–time and energy that will be wasted.

Retain a focus on the true function of the product at all times.

The product must retain usability

It’s easy to “trick out” your project with a series of additional gimmicks, features and items. Again, that can arise because of your extensive knowledge of the topic inadvertently.

It can also be a reflection of a belief that more will undoubtedly be better in
terms of subsequent sales.

In reality, however, that excess will serve to decrease the usability of the final project. Remember the old adage “keep it simple, stupid” throughout the production phase.

Do not add features or details that will overburden the end user or that don’t add genuine value to the final result.

You need to fight the urge to “dress it up” in order to create a truly elegant and practical solution to your target audience’s needs.

Think like a user

As you build your product, take care to approach it as a user, instead of as its creator.

Try to put yourself into the shoes of someone else and try to assess how they will react and handle your product. It is easy to lose yourself in product building and to make a final item that suits you perfectly, instead of one that really meets the specific needs of users.

By stepping out of your “builder mindset” and into the persona of an end user, you are more likely to produce a winning final product. By keeping your project focused, maintaining usability at all times and thinking like a user, you can dramatically improve the chances of building an awesome product that will take the marketplace by storm.

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