Should You be the Manufacturer, as well as the Creator?

You have a great product idea and you know it can be a huge success. You have honed your concept and have a blueprint for product creation. You probably already have a mental image of what the finished offering will look like. Now, it’s time to put your plan into action and build the product you
will later be successfully selling.

That means it is time to ask yourself an important question.

You came up with the idea, but should you be the one to build the product?

At first, that may seem almost silly. After all, it is your baby. You found the need in the marketplace and developed the idea to address it. It’s your idea and you understand it better than anyone else does. You may think it is obvious that you should put the project together.

Pause for a moment, though, and ask yourself a few questions. Your answers will tell you if you are better off doing it yourself or outsourcing the work to an expert.

First, are you the best person for the job?

Divorce yourself from your personal connection to the project and objectively assess whether your skills are right for creation of this project.

It doesn’t make sense for someone with a thick regional accent to record an audio guide. It doesn’t seem reasonable for someone who hates to write and doesn’t feel he or she has the talent with words to effectively write a seventy-page ebook.

If your skills don’t match the project, you might want to think about
outsourcing the product — paying for someone else to manufacture it for

Second, do you have the time necessary to do the job?

Your product is based on a need in your marketplace. That need could be filled by your product or by someone else who is also assessing that need. It pays to get there first, and if you have a great idea, you have every reason to try to get your product out there as quickly as possible. Besides, you are missing potential income with every day that passes. If your schedule doesn’t provide ample opportunity to get the job done, you may want to outsource.

Third, can your time be better spent?

Consider what your time is worth and then compare that figure to what it will cost you to outsource the job. If it appears as if you could be making more money spending your time doing something other than project creation, outsource the job if you can.

Finally, do you have the resources?

Even if outsourcing makes perfect sense on every other level, you may be unable to find someone else to manufacture your product if you don’t have sufficient funds. Make sure you can afford outsourcing before going that route.

An objective look at your product and your personal situation should give you a strong idea of whether or not you are well suited to be the manufacturer of your product, as well as its creator.

Instincts may push you trying to do it all yourself, but a rational examination of the matter may lead you to a totally different conclusion.

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