About vivaico

Started in 2007, vivaico is small engineering firm specialised in sheet metal design and mechanical engineering. Our strength and expertise comes from “hands-on” experience.

We are not looking for the easiest way because that sounds like “I’m not fully invested in the long term success”.

We aim for perfection but understand that it is goal we never reach. 

Every company is in the business of selling. Our focus is to make your products better, lean, more effective and profitable.

We use proprietary BASE model technique in our design process which is highly effective way of designing a product, handling revision control and making changes during the process.

You will get an open & honest service, stable, trackable design process and transparent cost breakdown.

Why choose us

Mechanical Engineering Experts

Proprietary BASE model technique makes our process of mechanical engineering highly effective.

Product concept & Design

Designing a functional product for a competitive market is not easy. We can help you get your product into market on time and on budget.

Product Simulation & Analysis

Simulating our design structures in 3D cuts down protyping & manufacturing cost and time.

Prototyping Your Product

We are experienced in prototyping products. We are familiar with most manufacturing methods and know what to look for when choosing one for you.

Product Visualization & Presentation

Visualization of the product during the design process –> better idea of the finished product.

Project Management & Consulting

If you need management and guidance for your ongoing project, We are there to help you with that.

What you get

A company who will listen to you, but tell you that you are wrong if that is the case (we will do it discreetly). Nevertheless, you are in charge and will decide the route we will take.  We trust our expertise and stand behind our work.

We will work closely with you so you will get the attention you need. Sometimes this can be daily calls, emails and the like. Let us know how much attention you wish to have, and that is what you get.

  • Optimization of your current product line
  • Help in Design & Manufacturing of you product
  • Testing & analysing the product before it hits the market
  • Visualisation help for your product marketing
  • You will get a stable and trackable design process
  • Transparent and honest cost breakdown (very important)

Our experience

Mechanical Engineering 93%
Simulation & Analysis 87%
Product Design 79%
Prototyping & Manufacturing 64%

Looking for a First-Class Designers for your next project?