Our partners

mmelle machines

Honey Processing Equipment
Winnipeg, MB Canada
mmelle machines has taken the honey processing industry by storm with their new line of equipment. vivaico has designed their new equipment.

International Honey Products

Mobile Extraction Trailer Technology
Winnipeg, MB Canada
International honey products is world leading manufacturer of mobile extraction trailers for honey industry and other industries. vivaico has helped this company to develop their latest mobile trailers.

Malach Metals

Contract Fabrication & Manufacturing
MB, Canada & ND, USA
Malach metals provides sheet metal products and associated supply chain solutions that consistently meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations for quality, service and value.

Bruder Built

Efficiency in metal fabrication
MB, Canada
bruder's mandate from the beginning has been to offer our valued customers superior quality and straightforward service at competitive prices. We constantly search for fresh and innovative ways to improve our service, to develop the market and to build our business.


Design & Engineering
Helsinki, FI
Jukola7 creates optimal high strength steel sheet metal structures! Concept product creation and analysis.

Beeline International

Mobile Honey Solutions
New Zealand
Beeline international is providing mobile extraction services in New Zealand and Australia. This company is working closely with international honey products and mmelle machines. vivaico is developing technology for all these companies.

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