Analysis & Simulation

When designing a product there is a great benefit in simulating and analyzing important properties, structural elements etc. of the product during the design process. Our proprietary BASE model design technique allows the conduct of important analysis almost at any stage of the process. Our process eliminates costly and time consuming changes and iterations that are common on more traditional ways of design.

Product Simulation & Analysis

We offer the following simulation and analytics tools:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Analysis, Structural Optimization
  • Linear Stress Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Flow Simulation
  • Thermal Fluid Analysis

Flow Simulation

We can simulate fluid dynamics accurately and optimize your product based on the results of the simulation. This saves you time and costs and improves the end result. Our proprietary modelling technique let’s us do simulations almost on every stage of the design process.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Displacement analysis for a bicycle frame done at early stages of design process. Made possible by our master model design technique.

Test First, Build Later

We can put your product trough series of tests even before any prototypes have been made. We can simulate all the stresses and loads your product would need to sustain in real world. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other structural simulations allows your product to be designed with optimal material, material thicknesses etc. Running simulations while designing your product saves whole lot of money and time therefore making the process of designing your product faster and cheaper.

Simulation and analysis we can conduct to your product

Finite element analysis lets us efficiently optimize your product for stresses it needs to withstand. Using FEA during design process, we can skip costly prototyping phases completely and be sure that the finished product is designed to suit its function.

From FEA analysis we get important structural data and can apply forces and loads to your product. This information guides us trough the design process and gives us guidelines, for example what kind of materials we should use.

Again FEA (Finite Element Analysis) gives us information about the stresses and displacements that your product is experiencing. When we combine this data to motion simulation, we truly begin to have important data that is crucial to the design process and integrity of the product.

Chances are that your product is under constant stress and you need to know when it fails. We can do fatique simulation during the product design process the determine boundaries for you product and be sure that it has the needed integrity. Also this lets us choose if we wish to design for strength or for life.

If you have a situation that your product is not under constant (static) load but is subjected to non-uniform load, we can use vibration analysis to determine the integrity of your product. It is also important to find out if certain vibration are hurting your product life or even lead to unexpected failures.

Flow simulation lets us have visual representation of fluid or gas flow. We can simulate different scenarios and quickly realize your design behavior and have it optimized. We can also have result of Non-Newtonian liquids (for example blood, honey, molten plastics etc.)

Thermal analysis gives you important information of your products heat transfer properties so we can optimize your product thermal insulation, leverage thermal performance, reduce overheating, detect hot spots etc.

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