Mechanical Engineering

There are lot of companies offering basic mechanical engineering services. What makes us different and highly valuable to you is our proprietary BASE model design process. In this process we have a crude model called “BASE model” which outlines the product and gives it shape and dimensions. This model drives the end product and assembly or assemblies. It can be made out of basic solid elements, driven by equations or the combination of these. This technique allows us to model very rapidly and effectively. If we have to model a series of products (product family), the BASE model drives all different sizes of products and changes are very easy to make.

vivaico proprietary BASE modelling technique saves you time and costly revisions and at the same time allows quick simulation and optimization of your product.

Iterative Modelling Process

BASE model of honey processing machine. This crude model drives the design, dimension and features of the whole machine.

Benefits of BASE modelling technique

Our clients get many benefits from the BASE modelling technique:

  • Highly effective and trackable modelling process
  • Chance to make design changes almost instantly
  • Ability to make variations and series of products quickly and easily
  • Transparent process that is easy to understand
  • Run powerful simulations during design process
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

Looking for highly effective design process for your product?