3D Modeling & Design Services

Product design usually starts with a sketch and an idea. After discovery and background research it is time to start putting things into 3D environment and start the modelling process. We have a great modelling process we call BASE. This is our proprietary modelling technique that will benefit our customers greatly:


  • Highly effective and trackable modelling process
  • Chance to make design changes almost instantly
  • Ability to make variations and series of products quickly and easily
  • Transparent process that is easy to understand
  • Run powerful simulations during design process
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

Why customers choose us

BASE modeling process

Proprietary modelling process that is effective and versatile. We save your time and money without sacrificing quality.

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No bull - policy

Transparent and honest cost structure. You pay only for results and nothing extra. This way both parties end up feeling satisfied at the end.

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Easy going

You receive reliable and professional service and quality product design. You get clear results that are easy to take into marketing.

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