Project workflow & Management


Update your process of product creation

Chances are that you have an idea for a product but getting it from an idea stage to a finished product seems like an daunting task.

Let us help you with that process. We will work with you on every step of the way and you can be in control of the process.

If you wish to update your product to a new version we can help you with that as well.

On top of that we have out own proprietary modelling process that we can teach you and your designers.

Product creation from start to finish is very delicate process and can go wrong easily. We can help you succeed and get your product to stand out from the crowd.

Cycle of product creation

  • Build
  • Measure
  • Learn

You should have well thought out process for product creation or revision.

Why do you need a process?

It is not always clear if your product creation process needs attention. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How easily can i change my design?
  • Can i quickly analyse and simulate product features?
  • Do i have to prototype every iteration?
  • Is it clear how my product looks and feels?
  • Does it take long to update my product?
  • Is it simple to teach my process to new employees?

Why not use our process?

We have a proprietary modelling process called BASE. It is more than modelling tool. It is a process that forces your designers to focus on the product in a new way.

BASE process helps you designers to:

  • Create stable, easily editable models
  • Pushes them to think about the product in a different way
  • Allows your designers to go back and make changes effortlessly¬†
  • Run simulations and analyse the product during the design process
  • lets them work on different versions simultaneously
  • Have complete control of the process
  • Make visual representations along the design process

BASE model comparison chart

  • BASE method
  • Conventional

Looking for a new approach for your product creation?