Honey Processing Machinery for global marketCase study for designing full product line

mmelle machines wanted to get into global market for honey processing equipment. Timing was attractive since there was demand for reliable and quality machinery.

For years market was flooded with neither outdated crude machines or sub-standard efforts to make quality equipment. We took the challenge with mmelle machines and set our goals to make equipment that was from this century, would be reliable and look attractive for customers.


The biggest challenge was the honey frame itself. Being from nature it is always built little differently from each other and therefore gives engineer a headache. Another challenge is the customer; everybody has their own way of doing things and the process of extracting honey from the frame is an hands on operation. Putting all this between our ears we set out researching this case. We had basically three things we needed accomplish:

  • Design full product line needed for honey processing:

    There is a range of equipment needed for full honey extraction operation. Uncapping machine, Honey extractor, frame lifter, loading machine, tracks for frames, tracks for beehives and pumps. This all needed to design.

  • Design the machinery to be highest quality, reliable yet reasonably priced:

    Knowing that market had been flooded with sub-standard machinery for a long time, customers were frustrated and needed something that was high quality and would do the job on their most important time of the year. We took this very seriously and designed machines that are just that.

  • Machines need to have some level of automation:

    Another important factor was automation. This is very difficult in honey processing industry because it is very messy and the product comes in non-uniform shape, ie. the honey frame. We managed beyond expectations to automate mmelle machines honey processing lines giving customers something that has not ever seen in the industry.


In the case of mmelle machines the solution sounded simple. Make high quality machines that are reasonable priced. Market was ready for this and we set out for the challenge. The other solution was to incorporate automation to the honey extraction process; industry first. mmelle machines put their faith on us and we delivered. Our partnership is ongoing and we have still work to do.


The results seem impressive for both parties. mmelle machines are happy with their new product line and are penetrating the market fast. There should be no problem to get interest on these high quality machines. Customers get level of automation never seen in this industry before. Equipment we designed work on less staff, are faster and more reliable than anything before. Time will tell how fast mmelle machines are penetrating the marketplace but so far it seems to be very fast.

By the numbers, the effort:

  •  took 18 months to design full product line
  • needed 2 prototypes before finished product
  • had to go trough 2 machine for quality assurance

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